Facebook Ads Service

Facebook is the most used social media platform in Thailand, with 82% of Thais viewing ads on Facebook. As a result, advertising on Facebook can significantly increase your brand’s sales and visibility. 

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Facebook Ads Service

An ideal online platform

Facebook is the most used social media platform in Thailand, with 82% of Thais viewing ads on Facebook. Facebook has a native Business Manager tool that helps you manage your online presence in detail. The platform’s tools help you build customized ads and promote those ads so that they are only seen by your target audience. This helps you improve sales, reach your target audience, and increase the visibility of your business.

Why do Facebook ads with ForeToday?

Media Buying Professional Badge

Media Buying Professional

We can assist you in strategically planning your Facebook advertisements and analyzing your target audiences, utilizing our competent and experienced team that is certified as a “Media Buying Professional” by Facebook. 

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Sale Closure Techniques

ForeToday offers sales closing techniques that can help you increase your revenue by up to 2000% with monthly reports that show you the entire customer journey from the beginning of the Facebook ad until sales occur.

A Team of Specialists Ready to Help

We use a team of marketing specialists with more than 8 years of experience overseeing 200+ businesses. We create the best marketing strategy for your business that will stay on budget and achieve results that effectively meet your business’ needs according to the goals you set.

We Help Your Business Grow

Our ultimate goal is not just to get the job done; we want to partner with you in problem solving and growing your business.

Pros of Facebook ads

Precision Targeting

Because Facebook advertising has access to personal characteristics, age range, geography, and the interests of those who encounter your ads, target audience and market can be carefully defined. This ensures that your advertisements are only shown to people who are truly interested in your products and services

Ad Retargeting 

Facebook can target people who have visited or engaged with your Facebook page through liking, commenting, or sharing, in order to help reengage the interest of your audience and encourage more sales.

Detailed Reports

Reporting real-time advertising results that are detailed and precise, creating insights that help you design future ad campaigns.

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