11 May 2021



Shop Design and Management

Shop Design

Design and manage products in your storefront on the Market place.

Shop Management

Manage your store effectively and meet all the needs of your customers with the supervision of a professional team.

Shop Improvement

To increase sales, we use Storytelling techniques to customize the look of your store on Lazada, Shopee, JD Central and more.


Lazada Ads / Shopee Ads

Lazada Ads / Shopee Ads

Advertising on Lazada, Shopee or any eCommerce platform to increase your store sales.

Product Recommendation

Advertising that introduces products on ecommerce platforms to the top of the list makes people see us before other stores.

Sales Data Management

We manage online marketing information. All the way to shopping in stores so that we can make precise online strategic decisions.


CPAS / Collaborative ads

CPAS / Collaborative Ads

Advertising via Facebook platform of Dynamic Ads that will increase the product sales for the business on Your E-Marketplace includes retargeting optimization and the ability to monitor sales from your advertising.

Shopping Behavior Analysis

We manage audiences in the form Analyze shopping behavior such as General Visitors, Product views, Category views, Cart Abandons, Purchasers. This allows us to shoot more accurately and spend less money on advertising.

Full Funnel Solution

Advertising to create awareness and generate sales at the same time, then we create the report since customer seeing ads, clicking on ads and purchasing for creating decision making in online marketing online

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