11 May 2021

Digital Marketing


Google Ads

Search Engine Marketing

Advertising on the website by using keywords related to products and services. To get your website ranked on Google searches to increase sales and generate leads in your business.

Google Display Network

Advertising for displaying on various websites in the form of images, videos, or short texts emphasizes branding to be recognized and reach wider target audiences of more than 10 B users.

YouTube Ads

Advertising in the form of videos. For display on Youtube, which can reach the target audience precisely. And can create awareness for customers to understand products and services, and we can go deep into the sales part as well.


Social & VDO Marketing

Facebook & IG

Advertising to build awareness and get a quality target audience. According to your business goals via Facebook and Instagram.

Line Ads

A tool that can be called very matched Thai people Because of being able to respond to inquiries for various products and services, it can easily generate sales through the purchase of media in the form of Line Ads.


VDO Short form is another trend that people are popular to use for entertainment, education, etc., thus it has reached 10 million users in Thailand. Suitable for branding


Shopping ads

Google Shopping Ads

Advertising on google that shows product images, prices or promotions.
To show to match the keyword that customers search, thus making it more likely that the child will come to buy the product with the shop.

YouTube Shopping

An additional channel to advertise products that are displayed on the youtube website so that customers who are interested in the product are more likely to buy our products without searching.

Product Feed Solution

A list of products to prepare advertisements through Google Merchant Center and Facebook Business Manager before the product is advertised.


Retargeting & CPAS

Retargeting Solution

Online advertising tracking to audiences who have visited your business through websites or applications. But you haven’t decided to buy that product or service yet. Retargeting will increase the likelihood and tendency for those users to come back to buy your products and services. And make it easier for you to close the deal

Dynamic Retargeting

Online advertisements and automated individual tracking (Automated Personalized Ads) to target audiences who have previously viewed products or services on the website. Each target audience will see different adverts based on their interests. But more direct Which leads to the effective closure of the sale.

CPAS / Collaborative Ads

Advertising via Facebook platform of Dynamic Ads that will increase the product sales for the business on Your E-Marketplace includes retargeting optimization and the ability to monitor sales from your advertising.

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