Lazada Ads Service

Increase your shop’s traffic, reach, and sales on Lazada by promoting your product in the search results.

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Lazada Ads Service

Lazada is one of Thailand’s most popular e-commerce platforms. According to recent statistics, Lazada saw an increase of three times the previous number of Gen Z customers, and new sellers were able to increase their revenue by 75% on the platform. This is excellent evidence that advertising on Lazada is an important channel for brands and should not be overlooked when selling products online.

Why do Lazada Ads with ForeToday?

Top Sales Ranking

We’ve assisted businesses in earning top sales rankings on Lazada and Shopee for three consecutive years.

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Shop Design and Management

We provide a Shop Design and Management service to assist you in the set-up and design of your business’s shop, to make sure you can start selling your product as soon as possible.

Change of Mind

We can influence customers who are on the fence about purchasing your products by repeatedly showing them your ads on Facebook which encourages them to purchase products they’ve already viewed.

Tailored Strategies

We use a variety of marketing strategies tailored to your business’s needs and budget to help your product stand out from your competitors.

Pros of Lazada Ads

Become a Top-Rated Shop

Your shop will be ranked on the first page, increasing visibility, reach, and sales.

Ad Retargeting

We use Dynamic Ads, which are ads that display photos and prices of your products on Lazada and other platforms in order to retarget customers who have previously viewed, followed, liked, or added your products to their cart.

Pay Per Click 

We can use a pay per click strategy that will only charge you for ads when customers click on the ad to see your products; this ensures that your money is only spent on people who are truly interested in your products.

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